A Story of Family, Pizza, and Uncanny Coincidence


The history of Miner Moe’s Pizza is, you could say, a love story.

The story began at the original Round Table Pizza restaurant in Sacramento. I was 18 years old, and already a seasoned professional: I had been working at the restaurant for 5 years. Little did I know, this is where I would not only find my calling, but I would meet the love of my life. One day, my work was interrupted as I watched a man saunter across the parking lot and into the restaurant. Positively smitten, I said to my friend, “I am going to marry him someday!” At that time I didn't realize this man would be my new boss- or that my prediction was correct: that this man was also my future husband. Scott and I married in 1990.

Among one of the many things Scott and I immediately had in common was that we both loved making pizza, and we have had an eerily similar career trajectory. In addition to Round Table, I worked at Mark and Monica’s Pizza and Mountain Mike’s Pizza. Scott worked for Little Caesar’s, Round Table of course, followed by Straw Hat, and Mountain Mike’s - all by the age of 21. It was meant to be!

We decided to make the most of our love for pizza as well as our combined knowledge and experience: we bought a Mountain Mike’s Pizza restaurant in Sacramento. After having this business for a year, we decided we didn’t want to raise a family in Sacramento and wanted to invest our future in a place we truly loved. After we visited my sister in Grass Valley, and Scott remembered how much he had loved the area when he was younger, we knew we had found our home.

Once in Grass Valley, we were considering getting out of the pizza business and buying a Baskin Robbins instead. But, as luck (and fate) would have it, Deano’s Brick Oven Pizza in the Raley’s shopping center was up for sale. Drawn once again to the business we both knew and loved, we made an offer immediately. We decided to name it Miner Moe’s after Scott’s knowledge of miners and my nickname, Moe. Miner Moe’s opened in 1992 and stayed in the Raley’s shopping center until we moved to our current location 15 years later.

Our family has always been an intrinsic part of daily life at Miner Moe’s. When the restaurant first opened, we couldn’t afford to hire employees, so some of our family members pitched in and helped us - and some of them were even working full-time in other jobs (my sisters and brother would come in during weekends, their only days off. Talk about dedication!). My dad would come in and do all the handy work, always with his customary glass of wine; my sisters worked the register while my mom and brother worked in the kitchen, learning the ropes from Scott and rolling the dough, prepping the cheese and dicing veggies, and baking mouth-watering, fresh pizzas from scratch. My parents had owned their own business for 30 years and had plenty of good advice and wisdom for us, as we followed in their footsteps. At the end of the night, my sister and Scott would blast the music during closing. Despite the stress of starting a new restaurant, we always had a great time; our days and nights at Miner Moe’s brought us closer together as a family.

Our kids have grown up with Miner Moe’s. Our daughter Cordelia was born on January 25, 1999, and our son Bobby was born on April 8th, 2004. I would take them to work almost every day - I even had a crib in the kitchen! Cordelia would ride her big wheel through the restaurant, waving at customers as she rode on by; customers often called her “Little Moe”, and one of our employees made Cordelia her very own apron. Bobby would often make himself at home inside a milk crate, playing with his Hot Wheels while I worked in the kitchen.

Not much has changed since those early days. My kids still come to work with me and spend many of their afternoons and evenings at the restaurant, coloring at the tables, playing games, and even helping out in the kitchen when needed (they love doing the dishes).

After being brought together by pizza (and a dash of fate), and with 67 years of combined experience in the pizza business, Scott and I often say that good pizza is in our blood. As soon as you walk into Miner Moe’s, we consider you a member of our extended ‘family’, and hope you enjoy the tradition we are passing down to you as our customer: our love of family, of shared memories, and most importantly, our love of pizza.

Welcome to Miner Moe’s and thank you for dining with us!

The Bartosh Family
(Cordelia, Scott, Moe and Bobby)